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ROGER AND LENORE MILLER of Minnetonka Travel & Cruises, both veterans of Northwest Airlines, share a deep appreciation of the importance of suppliers. versed the entire state. Another requested to visit all seven continents on one trip. The agency had also just arranged a des-tination wedding in Mauritius when Luxury Travel Advisor spoke with Miller for this article, but booking destination weddings and other high-end itineraries that include world-class villas and resorts are not an un-usual event for the company. “We do a lot of destination weddings all over the world, as well as honeymoons, family vacations and family reunions,” says Miller. “It’s quite a variety of products.” Minnetonka Travel also likes to surprise its clients with destinations that are new to them; one of its favorites is Aitutaki, consid-ered the “blue lagoon” in the Cook Islands. “It’s a very beautiful, spectacular island; a great place to visit there is One Foot Island,” says Miller, who adds he has a fondness for the South Pacific. The agency’s Minnesota location also helps to encourage travel. “Our long winters up here in Minnesota are perfect for vacation travel,” Miller says. “It encourages people to book early.” Miller, a veteran of Northwest Airlines who started the agency with a dear friend 35 years ago before buying him out after a time, took a grassroots approach to selling travel when he realized the Internet might become a challenge to travel advisors. “We were all trying to identify what the Internet really meant. I reversed things and went back to becoming extremely involved within my own community,” he says. Because his agency is very close to the downtown Minneapolis area, he had a big nucleus of people to draw from, but Miller is also well known in Wayzata itself. In fact, he’s been named “Person of the Year” for the area. He also serves on a number of boards, includ-ing those for his bank, his country club, his school and his church. Miller is also frequent-ly invited to appear in TV interviews about travel in the Minneapolis area. “That helps to add strength to our business as well,” he says. An award-winning golfer, Miller is a former director of the Minnesota Golf As-JUNE 2011 | LUXURY TRAVEL ADVISOR 33

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